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Stainless Steel Plain Weave
Plain Weave is a kind of commonly used weaving method.The warp wire that establish the length of the wire mesh and the weft wire,paralled to the width,cross one another.
Stainless Steel Twilled Weave
Twill Weave is a kind of commonly used weaving method.One weft wire passed over two and under two warp wires,and one warp wire passes over and under two weft wires.The wire diamter for both(warp and weft) is mostly the same.It is square aperture.
Stainless Steel Dutch Plain Weave
Plain dutch weave: Woven as a plain weave, but with the warp wires of greater diameter than the weft wires. The weft wires are very close together so that a so-called zero-mesh structure is formed.
Stainless Steel Dutch Twilled Weave
Twill dutch weave: "Twill" indicates the warp and weft wires pass alternately above two and below two wires.
Stainles Steel Reversed Dutch Weave
The apparent difference of Reverse Dutch Weaving compared with standard Dutch weave lies in the thicker warp wires and less weft wires.
Stainles Steel Five Heddle Weave
five-heddle weave is divided as single layer mesh, double layer mesh , two and a half layer mesh,three layer mesh etc.
Tensile Bolting Cloth
Tensil Bolt is a light-weight grade of wire cloth produced in mesh counts ranging from 16 x 16 mesh to 230 x 230 mesh. This specification uses smaller wire diameters than the Market Grade designation which results in a greater open area for a given mesh.
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